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24 Aug 2015 | Lynne McTaggart - Wh... (bshubbard)

The quantum cook

Last month, WDDTY was saddened to learn of the passing of Dr Annemarie Colbin, one of its panel members, a visionary in the natural-food movement and a dear friend.  In 1977, in need of income to... more »

24 Aug 2015 | Lynne McTaggart - Wh... (bshubbard)

The second brain

In 1992, after rediscovering a network of neurotransmitters in the gut that act in a similar way to ordinary neurons, Dr Michael Gershon , chairman of the department of anatomy and cell biology at New... more »

24 Aug 2015 | Lynne McTaggart - Wh... (bshubbard)

The secret message of pain

We are a society gripped by constant pain of one sort or another—and life appears to be getting more painful by the year. In the UK alone, according to government statistics, at least a third of... more »

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3:08 PM | Healthy Living (

Sir Winston Churchill had many sayings that ring true. One such is "A lie gets half way round the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.' Nothing has ever been closer to the... more »

7:07 PM | Health Conditions (sangita.sinha11)

Hello Jane, The people with OCD are generally filled with negative energy if one can divert it into a positive direction, these people can do wonders. A boy was taken to the doctor when he tried some ... more »

12:36 PM | Health Conditions (

She needs long term treatment for severe OCD. She could contact one of the Counselling Charities such as 'Mind' and see someone for short term Counselling or CBT. Or for short or long term wor... more »

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