Finally, a reader told us last week about her mother who seems to have developed gout since going on warfarin. But are there any natural remedies she could try that don't interfere with the warfarin? As gout is caused by excess acidity in the body, a holistic approach that seeks to reduce acid levels through an acid-free diet, acid-reducing substances such as cider vinegar and honey, molasses, Epsom salts baths and nutritional supplements. All is explained in Margaret Hills's book Curing Arthritis the Drug-Free Way, available from: http://www.margarethillsclinic.com. Cherries, which are rich in salicylic acid, can help the gout. They also happen to be good for headaches. Stay off foods such as meat, fish, anchovies, mushrooms, brewer's yeast, rhubarb, spinach, alcohol, sugar and the deadly nightshades such as tomatoes, peppers and potatoes. Instead, increase your intake of alkaline foods such as vegetables, lettuce and non-citrus fruits, aloe vera juice, vitamin C and zinc, alfa sprouts, and celery seeds and juice. A similar approach was adopted by one reader who has helped her husband's gout by giving him one tablespoon of organic cider vinegar twice a day in water, and a diet rich in organic fruit and vegetables, and two litres of water a day. Avoid all high purine foods, and liver pate, organ meats, processed foods and beer.