Foot fungus:

Then we had the reader last time who suffers from chronic foot fungus. What could we suggest to help? Slap on plenty of aloe vera gel, a natural anti-fungal that helped one reader's friends counter athlete's foot and thrush. One reader's athlete's foot cleared up the moment he stopped having sugar in his diet. It's certainly wise to check your blood sugar level as it might be a symptom of diabetes. But it could also be associated with high acidic levels, which can be lowered by diet and by having regular alkaline baths, which are prepared with two tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda in a bath of water. It could also indicate candida overgrowth, and this suggests a diet that's free of dairy, gluten and sugar, and supplement with a probiotic. Aloe vera juice can also help, and there might be a link between candida overgrowth and mercury fillings. You can help things along by regular topical applications of distilled Witch hazel or vinegar. Try instead calendula ointment, or you can make your own if you grow marigolds in your garden, says another reader. If you're in a make-your-own frame of mind, mix half a teaspoon of tea tree oil with 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and a quarter teaspoon of lemon juice and apply to clean feet every other night. Active manuka honey worked wonders for one reader. Just one teaspoon of it a day could do the trick - but make sure it's the active variety found in healthfood stores. Another option is neat citricidal, applied topically to the infected area of the foot.