Colloidal silver for genital warts

My experience with colloidal silver in treating genital warts (WDDTY vol 9 no 1) may be helpful to some readers.

I had suffered from verrucae over a period of several years, and paint on acids proved ineffective. However, a homoeopathic constitutional treatment I used for other problems appears to have had the additional benefit of clearing up the verrucae.

I recently treated a wart on my hand with colloidal silver by soaking the absorbent part of a plaster with the solution and leaving it on overnight. After seven nights' of treatment, I noticed a definite improvement, and the wart finally disappeared after three weeks. I had the same results with a small cyst like growth on the skin of my abdomen.

In addition, I have found tea tree oil to be effective with spots, bites and bacterial sores. Therefore, perhaps the solution is: tea tree oil for bacteria, colloidal silver for viruses.

Finally, I would like to suggest that a topical application of colloidal silver would be useful with skin cancer only a hunch, but possibly worth closer examination. Nick Franks, Cheshire.........