A spoonful of honey for h pylori

Having suffered from stomach lining inflammations and duodenal ulcers for over 30 years, it was a relief to discover three years ago that the underlying problem was the Helicobacter pylori bacterium and not my personality. Your article (WDDTY, vol 9, no 5) was enlightening although it left me with some concerns for, according to blood and breath tests which show that H pylori is still around, I am one of the few for whom the triple drug treatment hasn't worked.

Although I've had fewer flare ups since treatment, I am concerned that I am still at six times the risk of stomach cancer, and twice the risk of heart disease, as the article stated.

I have heard about Manuka honey being good for treating ulcers and digestive disorders, but if I don't have any symptoms should I take it? How much and for how long? The thought of putting all that sugar into my body also concerns me. Pamela Austin, London..........

WDDTY replies: Harald Gaier says that trials and clinical use of Manuka honey for ulcers has been disappointing. He has cured patients of H pylori by having them take, over six weeks, a homoeopathic preparation called Pascomag powder made by Pasco in Geissen, Germany (one sachet morning and evening before food), plus 15 ml of Berberis tincture three times a day in water after food. Both available from the Nutricentre (0171 436 5122).