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Century-old heart drug is a killer

Digoxin is a drug that’s been used for more than a century to control the heart rate in people with atrial fibrillation (irregular/fast heart beat)—but researchers have discovered only this week that... more »

Vaccines won’t protect our children, say 74 per cent of parents

Most parents don’t believe in the protective effects of vaccinations. According to one survey, 74 per cent of American parents said they would remove their vaccinated children from a daycare centre if... more »

Wheat intolerance? Processed breads are the real culprit, says researcher

Most people who think they have a wheat intolerance actually have an aversion only to highly-processed wheat products, a controversial new study suggests. In fact, unprocessed whole grain is good for... more »

Plant-based omega-3s are just as good for us

Good news for vegetarians: plant-based omega-3 acids have the same health benefits—such as protecting us from heart disease—as the fish oils. Alpha-linolenic acid, a plant-based omega-3 fatty acid, is... more »

Chemical in toothpaste and shampoo linked to cancer

A chemical used in some shampoos, toothpastes and household cleaning products has been suspected of causing cancer. Triclosan, an antibacterial, appears to interfere with the body’s ability to process... more »

Turmeric with your breakfast keeps you mentally sharp

Eating one gram of turmeric with your breakfast every day can help keep you mentally sharp, especially as you get older. The spice, which gives curries their yellow colouring, may even halt or reverse... more »

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