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Drink water before each meal to super-charge your diet

Drinking a pint (500ml) of water before your main meals each day can help you lose weight. It can super-charge your diet and give you an added advantage in shedding the pounds. more »

Prostate and hair-loss drugs don’t always work—and they cause worrying side-effects

Hair loss and prostate problems are two of the bigger worries for men as they get older—but the standard drugs to treat them aren’t helping many of them, and the side-effects can be life-destroying, new research has discovered. more »

Glare from smartphones rob the teenager of a good night’s sleep

Teenagers are especially sensitive to light—and the glare from tablets and smartphones could keep them awake at night. more »

Acupuncture reduces blood pressure levels for up to six weeks

It’s better than drugs: one session of acupuncture can significantly lower blood pressure levels of people who are hypertensive (high blood pressure) for up to six weeks. more »

Gout sufferers were right all along—tomatoes do make symptoms worse

Gout sufferers often complain that their symptoms flare up when they eat tomatoes—even though the fruit isn’t a recognised dietary trigger for the problem. But now scientists have proved them right... more »

Lemon juice blocks spread of gastric bug

Lemon juice is a natural anti-viral that can block the spread of noroviruses, which are extremely contagious and cause violent and sudden diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. more »

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