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Vegan diet is the quickest way to lose weight

Want to lose some weight quickly? Go on a vegetarian diet—and if you want to fast-track your weight loss, go one step further and make it a vegan diet. more »

Family launching enquiry into mysterious death of anti-vaccine doctor

Mystery surrounds the sudden death of Dr Jeff Bradstreet, a high-profile anti-vaccine campaigner who treated autistic children. more »

Antibiotics could be cause of childhood obesity

Giving too many antibiotics to children can make them more likely to be obese in later years, a ‘biological cost’ that doctors have never realised, say researchers. more »

MRI heavy metal contrast agent found in the brain

The contrast agents used for MRI scans leave heavy metals on the brain and in the kidneys, and are probably unsafe, a new study has found. more »

Flu shot didn’t work because the virus was smarter

This year’s flu shot didn’t work—because the virus was smarter than the scientists making the vaccine. The virus mutated in ways that the scientists didn’t anticipate, and made the seasonal flu jab useless, say scientists at the Wistar Institute. more »

Lose weight and take Vit D to reduce cancer risk

Losing weight is a great way to reduce inflammation in your body—one of the key contributors to a range of diseases, from arthritis to heart disease to some cancers—but the process can be fast-tracked when you take vitamin D supplements as well. more »

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