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Beta-blockers can be a killer if you’re having an op

Beta-blocker drugs for high blood pressure almost double the chances of a heart attack—and even death—in patients who are undergoing general surgery. more »

AstraZeneca ‘does an Amazon’ and pays no UK corporation tax

Like Amazon and Starbucks, drug giant AstraZeneca pays no UK corporation tax—despite posting global profits of around $2.2bn each year. more »

Be happy: it could save your life if you have a heart problem

People who are happy and retain a positive attitude also have a healthier heart—and that can be the difference between life and death for people who already have a heart condition. more »

What type of vaccine-denier are you?

What sort of vaccine denier are you (assuming you are one)? According to new research, you fall into one of four camps and the antidote is anything from a chat with a rational person who ‘knows’ the worth of vaccination—ie, your doctor—to a cash reward for vaccinating your child. more »

Swapping an hour on the sofa for walking helps you live longer

Swapping an hour on the sofa for walking or some physical activity every day can reduce your chances of a premature death by around 14 per cent—and even standing instead of sitting for those 60 minutes makes a difference. more »

Depression could be a nutritional deficiency

Is depression actually a nutritional deficiency? more »

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