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EMF radiation from mobile phones and wi-fi a health risk, say scientists

A group of scientists is appealing to the United Nations and the World Health Organisation (WHO) to initiate tougher guidelines on exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and wireless technology. more »

High-protein afternoon snack is the healthy choice for teenagers

Got a teenager with bad eating habits? A high-protein snack in the afternoon can regulate their hunger and stop unhealthy snacking in the evening, a new study has found. more »

Chinese remedy helps the overweight shed the pounds

A remedy from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) could help obese and overweight people shed the pounds—and how. An extract from thunder god vine helped shift 45 per cent of body weight in one experiment. more »

Family history of breast cancer isn’t a death sentence

Family history isn’t such an important factor after all when it comes to breast cancer. You’re as likely to survive it as women who have no cancer in their family, new research suggests. more »

Chamomile tea helps you sleep better—and live longer

It’s the traditional bed-time drink, and researchers reckon it can do more than help you sleep well: chamomile tea may also help you live longer. more »

Half of older Americans on course for heart disease

Half of all Americans over the age of 60 have metabolic syndrome, which is a cluster of problems such as diabetes and obesity that can lead to cardiovascular disease and even death. more »

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The Medical Detective - Dr Gaier's casebook Staying sharp Q My family seems to be plagued by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, although I’m unclear about what the difference is between the two. First my father’s brain started to deteriorate quite quickly. My sister and I looked after him in turn at our homes, but when that became impossible, we put him in a home. Then my mother started to show signs and, because she was argumentative in the earlier stages, we ended up having to put her in a home too. Sadly, my husband’s mother went the same way. It was quite dreadful. Now my husband and I are concerned about our own chances of getting Alzheimer’s or dementia. How can we find this out, and is there anything we can do to protect ourselves? J.T., Belfast