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Drinking too much milk leads to an early death (and doesn’t prevent fractures)

Drink-a-pint-of-milk-a-day has been standard health advice for years, especially for children and post-menopausal women. But a new study has found that drinking too much milk actually increases the ch... more »

Asthma drugs for children more dangerous than safety trials had suggested

Asthma drugs for children are more dangerous than regulators had believed—because the safety trials had been carried out on young healthy adults. Almost all the adverse reactions seen in children are... more »

Tea and citrus juice protect against ovarian cancer

Women who drink tea or citrus juices have a far lower chance of developing ovarian cancer. Flavonoids in the drinks have a protective effect, and just drinking two cups of black tea a day reduces the... more »

Being aware of the present keeps the health healthy

Mindfulness—where you are aware of your thoughts and feelings—is a good protection against heart disease, a new study has found. People who are more focused on the present moment, their thoughts, sens... more »

Flu outbreak among vaccinated, government agency reports

The flu vaccine campaign is in full swing ahead of the winter—but it doesn’t always protect you against the virus. Twenty-five US navy crew members caught the flu even though they had been vaccinated,... more »

A glass of wine when you’re over 60 keeps the memory sharp

A glass of wine every day may be good for you after all—but only if you’re 60 and older. It helps keep the memory sharp and the brain functioning efficiently, new research suggests. Light consumption... more »

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