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The doctor’s wrong: light exercise reduces risk of asthma attack

Thirty minutes of exercise a day could keep asthma attacks away. more »

Women with DCIS more likely to die from heart disease

Most women diagnosed with DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) are not dying from breast cancer—but from heart disease. more »

Simon Singh takes money from Coca-Cola, and says that sugary drinks aren’t unhealthy

Simon Singh’s charity Sense About Science has been making unscientific claims that processed sugars aren’t deadly or feed cancer—but hasn’t revealed that it has been receiving funding from Coca-Cola. more »

Beta-blockers can be a killer if you’re having an op

Beta-blocker drugs for high blood pressure almost double the chances of a heart attack—and even death—in patients who are undergoing general surgery. more »

AstraZeneca ‘does an Amazon’ and pays no UK corporation tax

Like Amazon and Starbucks, drug giant AstraZeneca pays no UK corporation tax—despite posting global profits of around $2.2bn each year. more »

Be happy: it could save your life if you have a heart problem

People who are happy and retain a positive attitude also have a healthier heart—and that can be the difference between life and death for people who already have a heart condition. more »

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