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Vaccinations can make a virus more deadly

Some vaccines create a more deadly version of a virus, scientists have confirmed. They fear that the avian flu shot could be responsible for more virulent strains of the virus that could cause deaths on a large scale. more »

Drugs double the risk of a serious fall in the elderly

We’ve said for years that many conditions normally associated with ageing are, in fact, reactions to drugs that the elderly are routinely given. And new research backs this up: elderly patients who are given common drugs for insomnia, respiratory problems and bladder conditions are twice as likely to suffer a serious fall. more »

Placebo works—even when we know we’re taking it

The placebo is the most powerful remedy around: although it’s mind-over-matter, it’s almost as effective as most drugs and across a wide range of conditions. And it even works when we know we’re being given it, new research has found. more »

Investigation into HPV dangers dismissed as damage-limitation exercise

Drug regulators have agreed to investigate the safety of the HPV vaccine—given to teenage girls to prevent cervical cancer—after it has been linked to nearly 60,000 adverse reactions, including 227 deaths, in the UK and the US alone. more »

NHS officials bribed by drug companies to change prescription policy

Pharmaceutical companies are bribing health officials in the UK to start using their drugs in the National Health Service (NHS). more »

Acupuncture targets the same biological pathways as painkillers

It’s been dismissed as mere quackery—but acupuncture targets the same biological pathways that painkillers recognise, suggesting that the Chinese therapy is every bit as effective for countering chronic stress and pain. more »

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