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Meditators lose less ‘grey matter’

Meditation may help us hold on to more ‘grey matter’ in the brain, and keep us mentally sharp as we get older, a new study has found. more »

Drug companies deceiving people about benefits of statins

The drugs industry has used ‘statistical deception’ to exaggerate the benefits of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs and down-play their risks, say researchers. more »

Fluoride in the water causes thyroid problems

Adding fluoride to the public water supply should be stopped, say researchers. Any supposed benefits of preventing tooth decay are more than outweighed by the increased risk of causing thyroid problems, leading to fatigue, depression and weight gain. more »

HRT increases ovarian cancer risk

Even short-term use of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) by women going through the menopause dramatically increases the risk of them developing ovarian cancer. more »

Cancer cure could be in the gut

The most effective weapon against some of the most common cancers already exists—and it’s in our gut, new research has found. more »

‘Wonder supplement’ banned following raid on manufacturers

Supplies of ‘the wonder protein’ GcMAF—featured in WDDTY’s November issue—have been banned after the UK manufacturing plant was raided by regulators, who took away 10,000 vials. More than a hundred cancer patients in Guernsey, who were being given the supplement free of charge and fear their cancer may progress without it, are campaigning for its reinstatement. more »

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The Medical Detective - Dr Gaier's casebook The whole tooth Q: I have six children (mostly teenagers) and a husband. We seem to have endless problems with our teeth and gums—gumboils, caries, toothache, wisdom teeth—and now even TMJ symptoms have appeared. And all of these are associated with pain that is often very severe. Can you suggest anything, please? N.B. via email