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It’s not the oily fish, it’s the way you cook ’em

We’re told that oily fish—rich in the omega-3s—are the best to keep our brain healthy and ward off dementia, but a new study reckons that all fish are equal, and it’s the way you cook them that makes... more »

Common antibiotic raises heart attack risk

A common antibiotic, taken by millions of people every year to treat bacterial infections, increases the risk of a fatal heart attack. Clarithromycin is a macrolide antibiotic, which extends the durat... more »

Agency hides data that reveals the MMR causes autism

The MMR vaccine increases the risk of autism 3.4 times—but this alarming fact has been covered up by health agencies, worried that parents would stop vaccinating their children. Parents have been cons... more »

Pistachios take the strain off the heart

Eating pistachios every day can reduce the effects of stress—and especially on the heart and arteries—for people suffering from type 2 diabetes, say researchers. Two servings of the nuts each day lowe... more »

New ‘statins for everyone’ policy not backed by science

Statins for everyone over the age of 65 is a new guideline that is far too aggressive and needs to be urgently reviewed, say researchers from the prestigious Mayo Clinic in the US. Their call follows... more »

The three questions that reveal if you have a drinking problem (even if you think you don’t have one)

You could be fooling yourself about your drinking habits, even if you think you’re staying within the ‘safe drinking’ guidelines of one of two glasses of wine a day—and there are three questions you c... more »

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