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40,000 die in UK hospitals every year for lack of water

Up to 3,000 patients are dying needlessly every month in UK hospitals through poor care and dehydration, a damning new report has revealed. Doctors and nurses are failing to diagnose acute kidney injury, a common condition among hospital patients, and one that is easily treated by giving them medication and some water to drink. more »

Swiss could first to drop mammography

Is it the beginning of the end for mammography, the screening technology for breast cancer? The Swiss could be the first to drop it after independent research revealed that the risks outweighed any benefits more »

UK doctors paid £38m by drug companies

The cosy relationship between drug companies and doctors has been exposed yet again by new figures that reveal the pharmaceutical industry paid more than £38m in a year to UK doctors for ‘consultancy services’ and ‘meetings’. more »

Even fish are getting aggressive on Prozac

It isn’t just us—fish also react badly to Prozac (fluoxetine). The antidepressant makes them more aggressive, and alters their behaviour. Male minnows exposed to the drug for four weeks become far more aggressive, and start attacking the female fish. In one group, just a third of the female fish had survived, whereas normal survival rates are closer to 90 per cent. The fish that died had visible bruising and tissue damage. more »

Governments spent billions of dollars on useless flu drugs

The US government spent $1.3bn stockpiling antiviral drugs to protect key workers against the H1N1 (swine flu) virus, while the UK spent £424m—but there is no evidence the drugs work, an independent review has concluded. more »

Check your mouth to discover your chances of heart disease

What are your chances of developing heart disease? Just look in your mouth to find out. People with bad teeth or bleeding gums are far more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease—and dental problems may not just be a warning sign, they could even be the cause. more »

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