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Newborns do feel pain (quick, tell the doctor)

This will astonish nobody except doctors: babies feel pain as much as adults, and perhaps even more so. Yet, not believing this simple fact, doctors perform surgery on newborns without using any pain relievers. more »

What happens when you stop taking the drugs? Nothing, apparently

What happens when you stop taking the drugs, even when you have a serious condition? Not a lot, it seems. When patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) stopped taking their medication, 60 per cent didn’t suffer any serious set-backs for at least three years afterwards. more »

Women who don’t snack after evening meal reduce breast cancer risk

Women: resist the midnight raid on the fridge. It could help lower your chances of developing breast cancer. more »

Homeopathy improves fatigue and pain of cancer patients ten-fold

Homeopathy dramatically improves the mental and physical well-being of cancer patients who are being treated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, a major new study has discovered. more »

Why apples and green tea prevent cancer and heart disease

We all know that eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, and drinking green tea, is great for us, but scientists have this week discovered that apples and the tea in particular can prevent cancers, heart attacks and stroke—and how they do it. more »

Half of US adults taking an aspirin a day when they shouldn’t

More than half of all American adults are taking an aspirin every day—even though they are going against medical advice. Only people who have already had a heart attack or stroke should be taking the drug. more »

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