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Landmark ruling for woman suffering electro-sensitivity from mobiles, wi-fi

A French woman has won a legal battle for disability payments after she said that her electro-sensitivity to radiation from mobile phones and wi-fi networks had made her incapable of working. more »

Green light for e-cigarettes based on flawed research

Public health announcements that e-cigarettes are “95 per cent less harmful than tobacco” were based on flawed science and a study that included experts in the pay of the e-cigarettes industry. more »

Forgiveness helps women, but not men

When it comes to forgiving others, women benefit the most. The act seems to ward off depression, whereas it has the exact opposite effect on men, who are very likely to suffer a bout of depression afterwards. more »

Drink water before each meal to super-charge your diet

Drinking a pint (500ml) of water before your main meals each day can help you lose weight. It can super-charge your diet and give you an added advantage in shedding the pounds. more »

Prostate and hair-loss drugs don’t always work—and they cause worrying side-effects

Hair loss and prostate problems are two of the bigger worries for men as they get older—but the standard drugs to treat them aren’t helping many of them, and the side-effects can be life-destroying, new research has discovered. more »

Glare from smartphones rob the teenager of a good night’s sleep

Teenagers are especially sensitive to light—and the glare from tablets and smartphones could keep them awake at night. more »

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