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Beetroot helps reduce stress on the heart after exercise

Athletes may be on to something: drinking beetroot juice keeps blood vessels supple and reduces stress on the heart after an intense work-out. more »

One glass of wine a day reduces heart failure risk

Drinking a small glass of wine or beer every day reduces your risk of heart failure, a major new study has found. more »

Power of thought builds muscles without exercise

You can think your muscles back to their former strength after prolonged inactivity, such as after injury. The power of the mind and our thoughts play a significant role in muscle recovery, say researchers. more »

Routine screening isn’t saving lives

Routine screening—such as mammograms for breast cancer—isn’t saving lives, a new study has found. In fact, it may be doing more harm than good because it too often ‘sees’ diseases that aren’t there, so triggering unnecessary treatment. more »

Positive outlook reduces bone loss and risk of osteoporosis

Post-menopausal women who are satisfied with their lives have higher bone density and are less likely to suffer from osteoporosis, a new study has found. more »

Walking 20 minutes a day reduces chances of premature death

Just walking 20 minutes a day at a brisk pace could be enough to prevent an early death, say researchers who reckon that inactivity is twice as deadly as obesity. more »

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