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Third of knee replacement procedures shouldn’t have happened

One third of knee replacement procedures on arthritis sufferers shouldn’t have been carried out, a new study has discovered. In addition, the need for the surgery was inconclusive in a further 22 per... more »

People low in vitamin D twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s

People who are low in vitamin D—the sunshine vitamin—are far more likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s in older age. There appears to be a direct link between vitamin D levels and the cognitive... more »

‘Independent’ statin research group funded by drugs industry

A research unit that influenced wider statin use in the UK was all the time being funded by drug companies, including 217m from Merck, one of the largest producers of the cholesterol-lowering drug. T... more »

Pulses stem those food cravings

What’s a good food to help you lose weight? Try the pulses—such as beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils—because they will help make you feel fuller, says a new study. People who eat 160 grams of dietary... more »

Sense About Science gets it wrong again

Simon Singh’s ‘charity’ Sense About Science—which is fighting hard to get WDDTY banned from stores across the UK—has got it badly wrong about genetically-modified food. It announced on national radio... more »

Stress at work is another cause of diabetes

What causes type 2 diabetes, the ‘lifestyle’ disease? Poor diet, lack of exercise and being overweight, for sure—but scientists reckon that stress at work should be added to the list. People who strug... more »

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