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Two simple things you can do to live longer and healthier

Here are two easy activities you can introduce into your daily life that could have a big impact on your health: if you’re sitting around at the office or home most of the time, get up and walk for just two minutes every hour, and replace one sugary drink every day for water or an unsweetened cup of tea or coffee. more »

Lack of sunshine and vitamin D increases pancreatic cancer risk

People living near the Equator have only one-sixth the rate of pancreatic cancer that those living in northerly climes suffer—suggesting that sunshine and vitamin D play a key role in the disease. more »

Maple syrup could be the answer to the superbug

With the scary prospect of the rise of the antibiotic-resistant super bug looming, where can we turn? According to some researchers, to maple syrup as it seems to turbo-charge the current crop of antibiotic drugs. more »

Singh threatens NHS regions with legal action if they don’t stop funding homeopathy

Simon Singh—the freedom of speech champion who has tried for three years to get WDDTY banned in stores across the UK—is now threatening legal action against regional health authorities that offer homeopathy on the National Health Service (NHS). more »

Stay well with a few no-drinking days each week

Drinking the occasional glass of red wine may be good for us—but a new study suggests it’s important to have a few non-drinking days in between. more »

New ‘Lyme’s disease’ could be major health threat

A new tick-borne disease—similar to Lyme’s disease—has been discovered in Russia and Asia, including China and Japan. This disease, which has never been seen before, has been described as a substantial health threat. more »

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