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Shortness of breath a new symptom of heart failure

Scientists have discovered a new tell-tale sign of heart failure: a shortness of breath when you are bending over, such as when you’re tying your shoe laces. The scientists from UT Southwestern Medica... more »

Family doctors get cash incentive to diagnose dementia

Family doctors in England are being given cash incentives to diagnose patients with dementia. The doctors—usually without any special training in neurological or cognitive disorders—will be paid 55 f... more »

Lifestyle trumps genetics for heart attack risk

Medicine has become too obsessed with genetics and family history when trying to calculate the risk of a heart attack. Lifestyle habits trump the DNA we’re born with every time, a new study has discov... more »

Apple and Facebook wrong to offer ‘egg freezing’, says UK fertility expert

Apple and Facebook are offering to pay for female employees to have their eggs frozen - but it’s a procedure that results in a live birth in just 8 per cent of cases, says the UK’s leading fertility e... more »

One in 20 hospital patients suffer medical error

The UK’s National Health Service is falling apart. Basic mistakes by hospital staff are costing the British taxpayer 2.5bn a year, and four out of five hospitals are not safe. Around 800,000 patients... more »

Sunshine vitamin reduces heart attack risk

Vitamin D - the sunshine vitamin - helps us survive a heart attack, and could even prevent the attack in the first place, a new study has found. People deficient in the vitamin are seven times more li... more »

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