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Aspirin’s bowel cancer link sparks call for genetic profiling

An aspirin a day is supposed to protect us from heart disease, stroke and cancer—but a new study has discovered that it can actually increase the risk of bowel cancer in some people. more »

Zinc is the immune system’s missing link

Zinc seems to be the missing link in determining how well our immune system works, especially in response to inflammation. more »

Low-grade prostate cancer can be slowed—even reversed—with vitamin D

Men diagnosed with low-grade prostate cancer should start supplementing with vitamin D. It can slow the progress of the disease, and even reverse it, scientists say. more »

A healthier diet cuts heart risk by one-third

It’s never too late. Adopting healthier eating habits even when you’re 70 can reduce your risks of heart disease and stroke by a third. more »

Most men don’t have normal sex life after prostate surgery

Around 93 per cent of men are unable to have a normal sex life after they have had radical prostatectomy surgery for prostate cancer, a new study has discovered. more »

Antipsychotics are a major cause of death in the elderly

Antipsychotic drugs for dementia and Alzheimer’s are far more dangerous than we’ve been told, and are a major cause of death in the elderly. The drugs also increase the risk for heart disease. more »

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